My Dad, My Hero! Pg. 1

November 11, 1943 our outfit 1718 Ord.
Took off for England on a 33 ship convoy,
This was real war.
America was tore.
Three of the 33 ships were hit.
My ship took a big hit.
The enemies were firing hard at us like heavy rain pellets.
With smoke and fire all around,
The only thing I could see was water all around.
I saw three of our ships sinking.
With a blinking,
American ships sinking,
A lot of men died that day.
The only sound,
I could hear were the sound of loud torpedoes.
And rockets firing,
I was on earth, but it looked like hell on water.
My ship was one of the 33 hit.
We lost three ships.
That day,
It was quite a day.
But, I wasn’t about to quit.
We had to jump on to a PT boat.
As I did, my leg was hit.
I jumped real hard and as far as I could,
I wanted to make sure that I didn’t land in cold water.
I didn’t want to be one that felt the enemy’s slaughter.
From there we headed to Glasgow Scotland.
I wondered if we would ever reach mainland.
My leg was in so much pain.
From there we went to an airfield.
The 1718 wasn’t a company.
We were detached to the Right Air force and 9th Air Force.
I didn’t think this trip would ever end.
I was just a small boy from Texas.
Learning that there seemed to be no end,
To war, I wasn’t even sure this small boy from Texas would ever see his home again.
All I saw was the enemy’s rain.
And felt the long aching pain.
From Glasgow Scotland we went to Cherbourg France.
We again had to jump from boat to PT boat.
In the cold English Channel,
I wished I was wearing heavy flannel.
From Cherbourg France we went to Tracey Lemont to Marseille France.
I was getting to see a lot of France.
My 1718 Ord. was under General Bradley and Captain Sheafer during the days of World War II.

We knew why we were there to stop the slaughter of the Jews, and to stop China and Japan from taking over the world. We small town boys were going to give it all we had.
No matter how bad.
It got.
No matter, if we got shot.
We knew.
If we gave in we would lose America’s Freedom.
America was worth fighting for then, and it’s the same today.
Fight, fight, Fight for America’s Freedom,
She’s a light in dark waters.
To welcome wounded American servicemen and women back home.
She’s a home to the land of the free and home of the brave.
That gave.
Their all!
To make sure that America would never fall.

world war 2a


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