My Dad, My Hero! Pg 10

Rhineland Campaign
9th Air Force,
1718 ORD
World War II
Germany’s P.O.W.s
Germany’s Prisoners of War
I helped escort them.
Feeling the hotness in my veins,
Seeing the confusion in their limited brains,
They now walked through the heavy blood stained shore.
Feeling the weight of the world,
From a Country they tore,
Wearing heavy on the hearts of mothers and fathers,
That sent their sons and daughters to war.
Can now rest in peace,
America is now winning this war.
Closing the door,
On Hitler’s evil reign,
And Freedom rains.
From shore to shore,
Hitler’s boots will no longer touch this shore.
Or sink in America’s sandy shores.
America is slamming the doors.
Along with her British and Canadian Allies,
There’s no disguise of evil.
In the eyes of the wise,
Good will always rise.
And win the war.
When it’s a war against good and evil,
God always shows up in the time of war.
It may take a flash time in prayer.
But he’s there.
Good always wins against evil.
The devil
Never wins

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