My Dad, My Hero! Pg.2

world war 2a

Rhineland Campaign
9th Air Force

I was part of the Rhineland Campaign.
My mission was to keep all motor transportation moving.
Whether it was on ground or above ground,
While making no sound,
Because the enemy lurked all around,
At night I crawled in puddles of water to work on overheated hot engines.
Or repair broken transmissions,
It didn’t matter what it was just as long as it had wheels or an engine.
It was my mission.
At night we moved like deadly scorpions buried beneath the ground.
We had a mighty American sting.
And we made sure that the enemy felt it.
It could be a deadly hit.
We were a deadly force.
Tough as a wheel horse,
We were filled with the proud American spirit.
We would meet at an Airfield at night.
Some nights I didn’t think would ever end,
We refused to bend.
And, I made sure the fighter aircrafts were always ready to fly.
So that our guys wouldn’t have any trouble in the sky,
So we could say, Good bye.
To Nazi Germany,
I saw what Hitler did.
The massacre of millions of Jews,
Piled up on the side of roads like broken toothpicks,
It made me sick.
And the burning of flesh that had a stench that I’ll never forget.
I swore when I left this war.
I would never speak German again.
Being German caused me emotional pain.
But, here I used my fluency to be an interpreter and work along with the American Spies.
I was trained in martial arts and weaponry.
And I had knowing eyes.
We all had one mission in common and that was to see the destruction of Hitler.
I was an American.
And I wanted to prove that I was just as American as anyone else.
I lived in a free country.
I came from a Christian family.
I went into the service as a young boy.
But, I came out as a man.
My message for young men and women is this, it doesn’t matter what language you speak.
When we all have the same goal,
We can incorporate together to become an indestructible power.
To bring down the evil powers,
Remembering that there is only one power greater for the will of mankind,
And that is God the Creator of all mankind.


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