My Dad, My Hero! Pg 4

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The Rhineland Campaign and the 9th Air Force grew stronger and more powerful because of the French Resistance.
They were every day men and women of France fighting for their Country.
That worked underground.
They worked along with our military.
And their work and sabotaging of the enemy could be seen all around.
With excellence,
They did whatever was necessary to save their Country.
With diligence,
From Hitler’s evil tyranny,
The French Resistance fought with persistence.
When it came to sabotaging the enemy,
The French Resistance had many,
That worked behind enemy lines.
That included French men and beautiful French girls and women.
They sabotaged railways.
So trains would derail.
They left a vulnerable trail.
For the enemy to enter, and, then, we attacked.
With our 9th Air Force
Full force,
They informed me, when and where, the enemy was going to be.
Then we stung Hitler’s troops like mighty deadly stinging bees.
Many of the heroes of World War II will never be heard of or known of.
Some were just every day French men and French women.
That sacrificed their lives.
Some were men’s wives.
Some were young girls.
Trying to start a new world,
They all had one thing in common a love for their Country.
And, I was falling in love with one of their women.

world war 2a


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