My Dad, My Hero! Pg 5

Rhineland Campaign
Meets French Resistance

The Coffee Shop
This is the coffee shop where Sylvia and I would meet.
And sometimes eat.
It was in Marseille France.
Every time I saw her, I stared in a trance.
I smiled with one glance.
This is where we took a chance.
We would exchange information here pretending to be a married couple.
After meeting her here nine times,
With each time she made my heart chime.
I liked this opportunity to cuddle.
She liquidly moved.
Everything about Sylvia flowed.
And, I took every chance I got.
I didn’t care if I got shot.
She was worth every minute of it.
After all, I was doing it for my Country.
She was part of the French Resistance.
And I was hers in an instance.
She had me with no resistance.
She could teach me any language.

coffee shop,jpeg


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