My Dad, My Hero! Pg. 6

Sylvia’s aunt soon wanted to meet me.
And Sylvia wanted me to see where she lived.
She lived on an old dilapidated wine vineyard in Tracy le Mont in southern France.
I could tell at one glance.
It needed a man’s hands.
Every time I saw Sylvia I got weak in the knees.
And this time was no different.
Sylvia’s aunt encouraged my visits to the vineyard.
She was big in the French Resistance.
She became insistent.
That I keep my visits frequent,
Before I knew it Sylvia and I were planning a wedding.
We were both madly in love.
We got married in Marseille, France in 1944.
Outside of an Old Catholic Church,
Right there in town,
Sylvia even wore a white gown.
With flowers cascading her full dark hair,
Love was in the air.
My brother in-law Shelton even showed up that flew a cargo aircraft for the Air Force.
And two of my Air Force buddies.
That day it seemed like the world stopped.
You would not have even known that there was a war going on.
I now had the girl of my dreams.
That was getting ready to change my world.

french resistance


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