My Dad, My Hero! Pg 7

Rhineland Campaign
World War II
D-Day Approaching
Baby on the way

After three months of marriage.
I heard that we would soon need a baby carriage.
A lot was going on in France at the time.
And it wasn’t the best time.
To have a pregnant wife,
When I wasn’t even sure about our own lives,
I was just twenty-one years old.
I was no longer a small town boy from Texas.
I was young, but at times I felt old.
I knew Sylvia was pretty safe being with her aunt, and the French Resistance.
Who was I kidding?
I was married to the French Resistance.
With rumors of D-Day approaching,
I wasn’t getting my weekend leaves as often.
My experience on maintenance was in high demand.
And I was obedient to the service and my command.
And I had to make sure with D-Day approaching that our P-47 Thunderbolts.
Were ready and our night strikes on Germany were now more often.
We were meeting at Reims Airbase at night.
And our guys were steady in flight.
Attacking and bombing Germany’s factories, and infrastructures,
It went on for nights and nights, on end.
But there was no way we were going to let Hitler win this war.
I now had more reasons to fight for.

fighter pilots ww2


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