My Dad, My Hero! Pg. 8

Rhineland Campaign
World War II
United States Army Airfields sieged and used during World War II up to D-Day

We now had thirteen airfields sieged and used against Germany.
Our troops were determined to win this war for our Country.
We worked around the clock.
Working around land mines and old explosives and old junk yards,
Clearing explosives from airfields,
Clearing bombs from airfields,
It could get scary.
Hitler tried to make sure everything was a trap.
We had to always stay one step ahead of the enemy.
We had to be careful and watchful wherever we walked.
We had to be careful when we talked.
Making sure we weren’t being stalked.
Our airfields were sometimes just thin strips of grass.
Or abandoned airfields that were now junkyards,
We had to move all the junk out of the way.
We had to kill many German guards.
To make these old airfields operational,
Making many of our days confrontational,
But this was our mission.
We didn’t allow anyone to get in our way.
We had been preparing for this Day.
Since our arrival in November of 1943,
This was our mission.
And, we were all anxious for the big day.
And, we were now given the Date for D-Day.
There was no power on earth that could move us American man.
We may have come into the service as young boys.
But, we had been trained and refined.
Tasting some of France’s best wines,
Killing some of Germany’s meanest men,

and sleeping with some of France’s beautiful women.
We were here to exterminate the German pigs, (swines).
 We were here to fight for a Free America.
And to liberate France,
This was a once in a lifetime chance.

9th airforce


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