My Dad, My Hero! Pg. 9

Rhineland Campaign
9th Air Force,
1718 ORD
World War II
On June 6, 1944 150,000 Allied troops landed on a fifty mile stretch on the beaches of Normandy.
Hitting with more than 5,000 ships,
With Germans feeling an artillery eclipse,
From 11,000 striker aircrafts,
Feeling a heavy hot intense military draft.
This did not include French’s Resistance of 100,000 home grown militias.
Feeling the militias,
Germans felt the immediate danger.
They now felt the wrath of an unwelcomed stranger.
Both the gates of Heaven and Hell were open.
That day,
We hit them with artillery, Bullets, bazookas, bombs, grenades, mortar hitting with hard emotion,
There was a lot of commotion.
We hit them with everything we had.
We lost 9,000 heroes that Day.
Germany’s losses were still unknown,
We could hear their cry out of loud moans.
Sylvia hid out with the other Resistance Women that Day.
With the baby due in a few months,
I was praying this war would all be over by the time it was born.
I didn’t want it being born in a world that was torn.
War was a horrific sight,
And France wasn’t safe.
It was unsafe.
This day could change history.
It was still a mystery.
How it would all end.
Our valor wasn’t about to bend.
We fought with all of our might.
Many of us not knowing if we would live to see another night,
The continuous battle lasted close to 24 hours.
Starting at midnight on June 6, 1944,
And went on until 11:59 PM the next night,
It was a fight against good and evil.
Our goal was to put the devil to sleep for good.
We all understood.
The SS was no good.



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