These Afghan Boys Find a True Hero In a United States Soldier

You can tell how happy these teenage Afghan boys are to see this United States Soldier.
And the feelings are mutual.
This isn’t the first time that they’ve crossed paths.
The respect for him has grown.
And their feelings aren’t alone.
They see for themselves that he’s truthful.
And joyful!
He makes time fun.
Not forgetting his gun,
He’s become more than just a casual acquaintance.
He shows patience.
Teaching them about sports,
Talking about girls,
These boys see a whole new world.
He’s become their mentor.
Through him they see the love of the Creator.
And they’re all enjoying being the center of attention.
Seeing how smart.
And sharp he is,
They see that there’s more to life than just war. 
When a country is tore, they can still find a time and place to smile.
Through the heavy laden walk of a soldier’s mile.
They all found friendship!

Afghan boys find a hero

Afghan boys find a hero


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