This Child Wins a Soldier’s Candy Bar with a Smile

United States Soldier with Afghan Kid
This little Afghan boy is pleased to see this United States Army Soldier. He knows when he sees the United States Military that it means better eating. And more treats. That will make him quick to his feet.It becomes a race. He takes off running towards this soldier. To see what she has in her pocket. And this little boy knows that he scores big if it happens to be a piece of chocolate. Because, he knows that a soldier will share their last candy bar. And sometimes the best things in life come from afar. This little boy has a trained rehearsed skit. All he has to do is smile, and he becomes an instant hit. He wins by touching a soldier’s heart. This kid is a real work of art. He seals the deal with a warm handshake. He just made his big deal.

And when he takes that first bite of chocolate, it becomes surreal!


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