Baby SEALS, SEALS, Your Babies are In Good Hands

Baby Seals
Tanner “There he is, I spotted my daddy!”
Gunner “Do you see mine?”
Tanner ‘Yeah, he’s over there in position. He’s getting ready to fire.
Gunner “That’s my old man” “When I grow-up I’m going to be just like him.
Banner “What about my dad, do you see him?”
Tanner “Yeah, he just landed in his parachute.”
Banner whoops,
Tanner, did you just toot?
Tanner, it smells in here, like a dirty diaper.
Hunter, I think there’s a clean one in that top drawer.
You better change it before your mom smells it and comes in.
Mom, boys are you boys playing nicely, yes mom!
Quick, hide the dirty diaper.
Here give it to me.
You closed it in the laptop
You said hide it.
We’ve had it now!
Mom gets on Skype.
And talks to dad,
Ought, Oh!
It sounds like a mission guys,
Banner, you get the paper towels.
You get the Baby Wipes.
Hunter, it stinks in here.
Oh, no, I hear her footsteps.
Quick, give me more Baby Wipes.
It looks pretty clean.
Hunter, it still stinks.
Quick get the air freshener.
Mission cover-up Accomplished.
Mom, it’s so nice to see you boys playing together nicely, daddy would be so proud.

baby seals


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