Brendan Trevlin’s Death Should Be Treated Equal

Why wasn’t the Attorney General, Eric Holder there for the family that their son was gunned down in New Jersey by a black, Muslim terrorist?

Why didn’t Obama mention Brendan Trevlin at the U.N. meeting?

He was an honor student gunned down by a terrorist.

He was only nineteen years-old.

But instead Obama changes the subject to racism.

While his death wasn’t about racism, it was about terrorism.

Even though Brendan was white, his light was put out by a terrorist.

Why can’t the attorney general’s attention be equal?

Instead of unequal,

Are we going to see a sequel?

We talk about everyone being treated equal.

But I keep seeing reruns of sequels.

I endorse Dr. Ben Carson for President.

brendan Tevlin 19


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