Remember All of those that Serve


My Deaon Is Gone

deaon angel

You know, I had a lot of friends in my lifetime.
And now that precious time
Has past many have died, but were never lost in time.
I still remember their encouraging smiles.
And the miles
We walked and the long hours, we talked.
And now, I can unlock
Those precious hours of time,
And remember my good friend Deaon.
She was always a good friend to me.
We went way back before school even began.
We spent days jump roping.
And later coping
With the heartbreak of time,
And the days and hours we spent alone.
We could always connect by phone.
And catch back up on time.
And now my Deaon is gone.
But, I will always remember the times.
We laughed.
And we cried.
And we always found time
And in that moment, all time would stop.
And we would rewind time.
She’s now in Heaven spending time.
But, I can still unlock those precious hours of time.
And remember those hours that I spent with my Deaon.

Dedicated to Stephanie Deaon Heffington-Holloway
By, Patricia Kelley

The Road Is Long

long road

The road is long

And sometimes our choices are wrong.

But that doesn’t mean that we can’t stay strong.

We’re human.

And humans sometimes make mistakes.

It doesn’t mean that we can’t learn from our mistakes.

We’re human.

We may travel down the wrong road.

And our journey may seem long.

But we don’t have to carry that load.


God knows our pain and when we feel we’re all alone.

God’s ready to lift that heavy load.

When were ready to admit that we belong.

To him, he knows were only human…

He knows where we belong.

And until we find him, our journey will always be long.