America was built on Dreams


America, you are a Country filled with beautiful dreams.

Your crystal clear white beating waters hits against the shores.

You make an immigrant’s struggle and hard work worth all the chores.

Immigrants never came here before not expecting to work.

No, they came to the beating shores with pockets full of dreams.

They were the ones that helped build America.

With integrity and strength,

They worked long and hard into the wee hours.

With one goal in mind to beat the greedy Royal Britain powers,

They built churches.

They built roads,

And houses,

They looked into the crystal blue waters and dreamed.

Of Freedom and independence not paying taxes to Great Britain,

They dreamed of a strong unity between all sisters and brothers that would defend liberty to the end.

Even when Great Britain dropped off its worst criminals on their shores, they never gave up on their dreams.

America, most of all they let no one take away their dreams.

America was built on God given Dreams!

I can see, presidential candidate Donald Trump fulfilling, the hardworking immigrant’s dreams.

And with his dream, we can build a stronger America!


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