Don’t Let the Devil Win, You’re Only Political Bait

fire and water

I woke up this morning and listened to the news.

I was in Oklahoma. I wasn’t in LA.

And as I listened to the world news, I was confused.

When I heard the hate,

I realized then, that people were being used for liberal political bait.

It was all about hate.

I began to pray.

I asked God, wasn’t all this hate resolved after the Civil War?

It was, Republican President Lincoln that won the war.

My heart was tore.

Why couldn’t these lost souls see that they were involved in a new revival?

It was all the beginning of Revelations in the Bible.

As I listened more, as I poured,

The tension could no longer be ignored.

I prayed. I said to God. I know sometimes, the devil wins.

As the news spins,

But God, we need a real revival.

The kind as John the Baptist in the Bible,

The world can’t take anymore.

They’re being led astray into darkness.

Where there’s, no brightness.

And I fell down to pray.

Sometimes, it’s a no win situation, with no solution, and it’s the devil’s day.

But we got to repent and fall down on our knees.

And not, let the devil win.

Before, this hatred spreads from Oklahoma to LA,

Before, we’re all in awe, clawed by the devil’s paw,

I have to get on my knees and pray.

That tomorrow the Word will be set loose.

And there will be an end to all world abuse.

But first, you have to realize, you’re only political bait.


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