Help Support the Wounded Warriors Project

He's the American Man He walks cautiously through the enemy's territory with his muscular hand wrapped around his gun. He can't remember the last time he had fun. Thinking about only one thing what’s on the other side of his gun. He silently listens waiting, watching for the enemy to make his move. Knowing that God’s Angels are above, With one sound, he quickly fires bringing the enemy down. He quickly looks around. Seeing the enemy’s sniper, He fires bringing one more down. With the sound of heavy mortar firing, MP7 40 round Box Magazine, It’s a real explosive scene. There’s no retiring. He uses his manly intuition, And scopes the situation, He’s been here before, Dodging the enemy’s bullets, He’s the American man. He knows why he’s here. To protect his country and family, He could be someone’s son, uncle, brother or father. To his comrades he’s always a brother. To his country he’s a proud soldier. He’s an American Man. God bless the American man!


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