Hollywood Prepares for a Totalitarianism Society with Hillary Clinton

I woke up this morning thinking about how Hollywood is penetrating through the minds of our children.  Hollywood is preparing our children for a supreme race.  We see movies such as Divergent and Hunger Games, and all of a sudden I felt a great paranoia.  Hollywood’s Steven Spielberg gives millions of dollars to Obama to support terrorism.  I can’t help but wonder who are these left terrorist supporters in Hollywood that are seeking a Utopia or totalitarianism society?  Our children are feeding into it by the movies they watch.  I find it ironic that many people in Hollywood want to entertain us and kill us; isn’t this a form of sociopathic behavior?  I heard that Spielberg was grossly paranoid about the holocaust that his Jewish grandparents spoke to him about, and all their ancestors that died during the time of Hitler. And as a child how Spielberg was greatly bullied. As parents we need to monitor and watch what our kids are accepting as truth. This is a form of subconscious brainwashing. Could this attractiveness be what’s drawing American children to join gangs and ISIS?  But in all reality, isn’t ISIS just another gang but on a larger scale.  We know they’re not the JV Team as Obama led us to believe. They started out small as Al Sharia but grew stronger, while Hillary Clinton was the Secretary of State. They got their first weapons from the Benghazi raid where four Americans were killed.  Then they got more when Iraqis’ walked away abandoning their weapons.   But they keep getting bigger and bigger: by the subconscious feeding of our children that violent games and movies are the cool thing. And what’s even cooler is a sci-fi totalitarianism society. And Christians are the “Divergents” of a totalitarianism society.  We as Christian republicans are the outcast.

If we study the movies, we will understand the manipulating mind of Hollywood.  Don’t let their minds be misunderstood.

I wonder which states are going to be marked off as districts?  In Hunger Games there are (12) twelve districts.  I bet the red states are the district states, “whatcha” bet?

red stae map

hillary what difference does it make

Spielberg’s video game “Medal of Honor” which is very violent and graphic.

video games

They start by controlling their brains with video games.  How would you start such a society, by controlling a child’s brain.

And then death becomes a sporting game.

I remember when I had a foster boy, he was only seven but he was addicted to video games.  I would get up at three o’clock in the morning and hear him playing a video game.

I would walk into the living-room and make him quit the game.

But sometimes when I would, I would see rage.

It became more than a game.

It became an addiction to winning the game.

2013-09-11 10.00.14

We were lied to and told this all happened because of a radical video.

After Hillary

benghazi onfire

benghazi before

Before Hillary

2013 Greenbuild Conference


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