What Is Socialism? Socialism 101

I tried to think of a way of describing socialism in America to my children, and how it would affect them. I said, can you imagine having a nagging parent like me, following you around 24/7 telling you, what you can eat? What time you have to go to bed? What time you have to get up? You can’t put that in your mouth, because it may affect your health. You would be restricted to a Michelle Obama diet, and let’s forget about the sugar, because that may cost added expenditures in the future for your healthcare. We don’t want you getting diabetes or having a heart attack or getting cancer. No, you can’t buy that because, you don’t have enough wealth. Welcome to socialism 101. What we are saying by accepting socialism in our country: is that I am not mature enough to make my own decisions or choices. I’m not mature enough, to understand my own budget. I’m not knowledgeable enough to distinguish the difference between right and wrong. I might need a chip inside of me to shock me when I do wrong. Socialism is a completely controlled, government environment. My daughter laughed and said. “I want to be, free to pee!” Then, she said, “mom, can I drop out of this class, I don’t like it?” But girls, this is the new Democratic Party. Do you, understand the difference now? “Mom, we want to stay republican,” “I’m only fifteen, but I consider myself a young republican.”

donald trumpa

trump 2016


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