America Wake Up


Anyone that knows me, knows that I am a strong advocate for our military. I’ve seen too many come back in body bags or their dead bodies disgraced by being left behind, and buried by the enemy’s rituals, desecrated. I’m tired of our military being led by a false light. I have often said, that our military faces double jeopardy. I don’t believe that they’re being led by someone that actually wants them to succeed in victory. I hear open verbal complaints all the time: about how they lack in weaponry. I’ve heard of military budgets being cut (30%) thirty percent in the last ten years. It doesn’t make sense when: we as a nation could possibly be facing the annihilation of Christians around the world, including here, in America. It’s time for Americans to wake-up. I think there’s a lot of naïve people in America. They’re blind. They don’t see the uprising culture of corruption. They really see this upcoming election as a normal presidential election. They don’t realize the consequences, the stakes involved. They don’t realize what’s really going on in America. They hear about the abortions, and racial tension, but they don’t realize that we are really in a war physically and spiritually, against good and evil. There’s no other way to really explain it. The socialist movement has become so engrossed in getting their way and moving bills and policies forward, that they’ve been blindsided by pure evil. The only hope that America has is to remove the blinders, and vote Republican. And pray that God removes the curses on America, and we again, can get back to the American way by putting first: God, Country and family…
I support Donald Trump as President of the United States, because, I truly believe that with the help of God and our fellow countrymen and women that he can: Make America Great Again!
I look forward to seeing a strong structured president in the White House that believes in the same principles that built America.
I believe Donald Trump could become one of the best presidents in American History. He’s already created a movement that can’t be stopped! Hopefully, that attention continues to spread to, wake up America!

donald trump


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