Margaret Sanger’s Legacy Stops Other Women from Becoming a Mother

beautiful baby

She walks into a cold doctor’s room and he sternly tells her, sorry, but you, can never be a mother.
She goes home looking into the mirror and she solemnly breaks down, with those cold words forever etched into her.
The only chance in life you have is by adopting from another.
But she calls and visits the adoption agency in which they sadly tell her, sorry there are no more babies.
You see, abortion clinics have gotten greedy, so they sell baby parts which is devilishly crazy.
But it happens daily.
And it stops women that want to be a mother, from being a real mother.
When you have an evil planner like Margaret Sanger.
It creates a lot of anger…
It all started by her stopping women from becoming a mother in the ghetto.

They called it Planned Parenthood
And now today, her intentions still aren’t misunderstood.
She wanted to control black babies born in the hood.


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