Donald Trump is America’s Choice

donald trump.jepg

America needs a tough man.

We can’t go through another weak man.

America needs a man with a strong voice.

That’s capable of making the right choice.

America can’t afford a man with a weak voice.

America’s Choice is Donald Trump.

He knows how to pump America back up!

You may have some dislikes with the man.

But to America he’s the man.

And if you look deeply, you may see why so many chose this man.

It’s a love for God and country.

It’s a will to save many countrymen.

Because when it gets right to it, we know that Trump’s the man…

He’s a guy that can stare into Putin and shorten the powerful man.

He’s a guy of faith and principles that proves, more, he’s the man.

So stop your feuding and make room for our man.

He may be like David and be able to bring a giant down, with one command.

So right now, we demand, you make room in your pressroom for one man.

That would be our Trump who can Make America Great Again!

And America will reign again: in the sight of God and all men!

donald trump1


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