Three Shot on Live TV Channel WDBJ From Roanoke, Virginia


I turned on the news today to see that two white people were gunned down by a disgruntled black employee.  They were shot down in cold blood, execution style, while being filmed and put on Facebook’s social-media. It’s sad to know that two people reporting to bring their community together, were viciously and maliciously gunned down.

This is more of a reason why we need to work together in bringing America back together again.  And realize we are not each other’s enemy.  We should be watching over one another’s backs.  Not trying to attack each other’s backs. Our country has spun out of control believing certain people have born privileges, while they have none.  The last time I looked, we were all born in a free country to make our own choices in life.

The three dead from WDBJ-TV in Roanoke, Virginia are Alison Porter 24 and her cameraman Adam Ward 27, and Bryce Williams aka Vester Flannigan, the self- inflicted-shooter. And there’s a third victim hospitalized that survived the shooting.

Gunman wrote a lengthy letter to ABC News.  Investigators are unsure of motive…

Shooter says, his motivation was the Charleston, South Carolina shooting…

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gay flag

Police confiscated a gay pride flag from the assailant’s apartment.

live/2015/08/26/id/671960/”>News Max


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