Kelly, Leave Trump Alone, He’s a Giant Slayer, He Has No Time for Delilah


Kelly is trying to be a distraction to the Trump Campaign, which is very sad that someone like her has come into play. I was thinking about it last night, she’s trying to be Trump’s Delilah, and Trump has too many supporters. Me for one, I see a man that can rescue this country from treason. I see a man that acts quick, talks smart and full of wisdom with a vision. Trump is the Man. He could be our David that slew Goliath. This guy is ready to slay giants. And Kelly wants to take him down! We have to stop her. His fight, is my fight! I’m going to do everything I can to make sure that he makes it to Inauguration Day 2017. So this is my message, “Leave Trump Alone!” The next thing we know, she’ll be wanting to cut his hair, or run her fingers through his hair…And girl, don’t you, even go there! Stop playing unfair!

We all know that Jorge Ramos’ daughter from Univision: works for the Hillary Clinton Campaign.

So don’t be quick to uncork the champagne.


We all know that Jorge Ramos is rude and crude, so don’t be lewd. He was being obnoxious and loud during the press conference. He was asked to sit down and refused. He acted confused…

trump real hair,jpeg

Trump is the Real – Deal


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