United States Soldier Found Shot to Death In Her Maryland Home

Karlyn Serane Ramirez 24

United States Soldier found shot to death in her Maryland home. Karlyn Serane Ramirez, 24 was a specialist with the United States Army. Her five month old infant was found next to her unharmed in the home . Karlyn Ramirez had once lived in Seoul South Korea. Karlyn was known to be a very proud and loving mother. She took a lot of pictures of her baby and posted them on Face Book. She will be greatly missed by all of those that served with her, and knew her for the brave beautiful intelligent woman that she was. Her baby has been taken and put into custody, it’s not yet known, if there are any relatives to care for the very young infant.  Karlyn Ramirez was a United States soldier stationed at Fort Meade.


It is reported that Ramirez was married but living alone with her baby girl.  The father has was taken in for questioning.  They’re still investigating leads that are coming in from family and friends.

New York Daily News




karlyn ramirez feeding baby




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