Persecution in America

Persecution in America. I think many of us at one time have faced persecution in America. Obama says he has faced persecution. Well, Obama, I hate to tell you, but you, are not alone. He had a white mother, his father was black. He went to an Ivy League college. He went on to be a senator from Illinois. The question is, has he made persecution in America better or worse?
But, how many others have went through real persecution in America. The Germans were persecuted during WWII that lived in America and some after the war. They couldn’t even own property. They had to live in a society where they were controlled, lights had to be off by a certain time. They could no longer speak German. They were told they had to speak the English language of the land at school and at church. My great, great grandparents came over from Germany in 1777. They mostly lived in German communities. My dad was full blooded German, and when he got on the school bus. He said other kids would make fun of him, because German was the only language, he could speak. He went on to fight in WWII and because of his language skills he was used as a spy and interpreter. He was already in France before D-Day. The persecution he went through didn’t stop him from serving his country. He wanted to prove that he was as American as anyone else.
I remember as a kid. I was told some kids couldn’t play with me, because I was German. I didn’t understand it. But I went through it because of my heritage. Then, I had a Jewish teacher that informed me that I had no chance in his class because I was German. You talk about hitting hard. I proved to him, I was a good German. I think we all have our own challenges and it’s how we react to those challenges. It can become an evil obsession like Hitler, or you overcome it! I choose to be an over comer! I remember, my grandmother telling me on my mother’s side, how ashamed she was for being part Indian. I thought it was great. I have German, Scottish and Cherokee Indian, only in America.

I remember my family telling me that they left communist Germany because, they couldn’t own a Bible and Christians were being persecuted. They wanted to come to America so they could raise their children to be Christians and be free to teach them the word of God…

Persecution hostility or ill treatment, oppression, mistreatment, discrimination, tyranny, harassment, intimidation or bullying.




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