The Persecution of the American Indian

love one another

There was no nationality or people, greatly persecuted than the American Indians. We had settlers coming to America that took the Indians land. They not only took their land, but placed them in government controlled Indian Reservations. It was no wonder that the Indians hated and despised the white rules and laws. But then, you also had the Indians that developed a new religion and it spread through the tribes. I’ve attended many funerals where I had the chance to speak at one of the Chickasaw Natives had passed away. And that day, I was accepted by the Chickasaw Tribe. Though the tribes have faced challenges and growth through the years. There are many Indian Tribes that are Christians. They believe in the Christian principles. I know there are some people that still believe that Indians in Oklahoma live in teepees. No, they live in houses and on land. And, I believe if it came right down to it, the Indians would fight for their land. You aren’t going to put them in a government controlled facility again. Or take away their rights. The Indian warrior would come out and put up, one hell of a fight. The Indians learned a long time ago, that you can’t trust men.

What can men learn from the trials of the Indian? To live in peace, and love one another… The Indian Symbol says, it all!

Who’s going to be the one to take their flag away?

The American Flag has now become a part of their culture and tradition.


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