Trump Signs Pledge Promise with RNC

donald trump.jepg

Today, Donald Trump took the big pledge to stay with the R.N.C. Presidential candidate Donald Trump meets with Chairman of the R.N.C. to sign the loyalty pledge papers. Donald Trump enters the room with a strong vapor. Filling oxygen into the room for every human standing. Donald Trump seems to be the oxygen that fills the American rooms. Without Trump, Americans feel the deep loss to a vaporizing country. The R.N.C should be vowing to Trump. The golden man is possibly Americans solution to a Trump revolution…Trump is leading over 30% percent in some states, and almost 40% in other states. Trump signs the pledge. He is totally pledging his allegiance to the Republican Party, with every principle that they stand for to Make America Great Again! America, you can breathe again! Trump is the MAN!

donald trump

Trump Pledge


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