America’s Friends or Enemies Dangerously Flirting with Our Military

I have to say when the Chinese (PLA) Peoples Liberation Army released this video to mark 70 years since World War II. it was eerie to think that this could be their future plans to attack America. I might be skeptical, or is it just me? What appears to look like an island that they’re attacking, looks like America. I thought China was one of our allies. You watch the video and let me know what you see? I see mass destruction hit with long overdue vengeance. Could this be their idea of a payback to America? My dad always told me to keep your eyes open to China, because they can’t be trusted. He always said it would be China and Russia that attacked America. I can’t help but wonder if his words are true. Russia keeps testing us getting closer and closer to our borders. And China was recently even close to our president when he was visiting Alaska.. What and the world is going on? It seems like everyone wants a piece of America. Have we become such a godless country that everyone has turned against us? All I can say is, stay alert because our enemies are dangerously flirting to see how far they can get without anyone noticing them. Now is not the time to cut our military, if anything we need to make them a stealth force, where the enemy knows that they can’t get through.

This video reminds me of China’s unfinished business.


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