Celebrate America Made Again!

Celebrate American Made Again!

I don’t know about you, but Fair trade hurt my business! Matter of fact, I can say, it put me out of business. I don’t sell as much soap as I use to. My business is idol, like so many other Americans that are waiting for the greenlight. We’re hurting in America! I use to do state Fairs, but the cost is so high, I can’t justify the cost. I thought about opening a retail business, but again, I can’t justify the cost! My business now has become a hobby. I know how to make soap that was handed down from my grandmother, but does anyone care? No, no one, they would rather buy by fair trade! I believe strongly in supporting local businesses, it’s what makes our country stronger! It use to be the American Dream! And now sadly, someone else has stolen my family’s dream!

trump 2016

I want Donald Trump as president, because I want to live the American Dream!


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