Obama’s Titanic

obama's titanic

Artwork Courtesy of John MacNaughton

The hardest thing that I have had understanding about the Obama Administration is that he seems to empower the bad guys. I mean this guy is literally an electrical outlet to the bad guys. If bad guys ever needed any energy, they could surely get it from our Noble Peace Prize President, Obama. Figure. What’s that about? Did he really only want a piece of all of us? He brings a new meaning to Noble Piece Prize! How can a guy that’s supposed to represent peace be full of such electrifying evil? You would think that he had a direct current to the devil. Why is it that all the world powers that we were taught were evil are rising in power against America? Are they feeding off the current, current waves of this administration? I know. It all sounds crazy. I have heard stories of Obama being the Anti-Christ. I know anyone against Christ is considered the Anti-Christ. It just gets me, how he fuels fire on the races and tries to undo everything that Martin Luther King stood for. You would think that he’s erasing the steps of Martin Luther King. And Putin, he’s not too bashful to flex those iron muscles. And then, the growth of ISIS. Is it me, or did they appear to grow over night? We were told that they were the JV Team straight from the horse’s mouth. And speaking of horses. Is Obama riding America right to the Apocalypse? I feel like I’m watching the Titanic, but this time I’m now a part of it! I haven’t quite figured if I’m the one on a lifeboat or the one that goes down with the sinking ship. Whatever, it doesn’t look good from any view from this direction.


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