Sarah Palin Speaks Energy

Sarah Palin

I can’t think of anyone that projects more energy than Donald Trump and Sarah Palin. I mean, look at this woman, she portrays energy from rough living in Alaska to governor. I bet she could just say, one word and get the oil pumping. I think Sarah Palin would make the best energy Queen on planet earth. She understands where it comes from, and where we get it, to how it’s used. I would love to see Sarah Palin as Trump’s Energy Secretary to stop us from stepping on unfriendly territory. This woman picks up the energy from the soles of her Alaskan feet. We need Sarah Palin to help defeat the oil crisis in America and admit there is no crisis. We need to pump it up Sarah on our own native land. Sarah would be a great addition to the Trump-Team..Yes, Sarah wants to be on Trump’s Team! More reasons to vote for Trump, together, they can pump it up! I wonder if there’s room for a poet? I would love to see Alaska one day, and write about it!

trump 2016


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