European Diplomats Want Bashar al-Assad Involved in the War in Syria


European diplomats speak up and say, Bashar al-Assad should be involved in the war against ISIS. But for some reason the West doesn’t want Bashar al-Assad involved because of the war crimes against his civilians. But the European diplomats speak-out and say to win this war against ISIS that they need Assad’s regime to be involved. They’re familiar with the territory this fight is on their soil in Syria, and they should be able to have a say how this war is fought. The war has mostly been fought by failed U.S. coalition because of their weak and lack of spontaneous airstrikes and failure to have boots on the ground. Assad could provide those needed boots on the ground. Even President Vladimir Putin wants Assad to be involved. It just makes sense. President Putin says, The West is fighting this war against ISIS with no common sense, if any at all!

Could the way the West is handling this fight against ISIS jeopardize our relations with them including Russia. Why doesn’t the United States want al-Assad involved in his own civil war?


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