Kim Davis Freed

KIm Davis

Kim Davis was set to be released today. If you remember, she was the clerk that refused to provide a marriage license to a gay couple, because of her religious beliefs. Kim Davis took it on herself to stand up for what she believes to be true to God and country. A lot of people today are asking and thinking this could happen to me or us. How can we prevent ourselves from being in the same situation when it becomes a test of faith? Does this mean we are limited to the jobs that we take to support our families? Or does this mean if the government is going to establish such laws, that they need to have things in place, where it doesn’t jeopardize or challenge one’s faith. I deeply thought about this situation, and I had to ask myself what is the difference between a conscientious objector? If we can’t go to war because we believe it’s against our religion to kill or end a life. How can we say, when we are forcing someone to go against their religious beliefs that we aren’t killing their spiritual being? And if this is so, if we are going to live in a country of many faiths and beliefs should we have not something in place to accommodate all, where someone isn’t going to walk away offended? So does this mean if you need a wedding cake for a gay couple, you go to a place that specializes in cakes for gays. If you need a wedding license maybe you need a clerk that serves gays. Instead of this being a demonizing situation, it could be changed into an opportunity. I remember when I was younger, I worked at a travel agency that planned cruises for gay couples. I never had to do it because their was someone there that specialized in that field. I handled the corporate travel. But the person, that handled their travel itinerary wasn’t shocked. They knew what that couple would like. Me on the other hand, I would’ve been blind to their needs.

The government and socialist need to respect everyone, and the world would be a peaceful place. If you’re going to pass such laws put things in place, so no one is offended.

I recently heard a Muslim stewardess refused to serve an alcoholic beverage on a plane. The passenger was very distraught. The stewardess told the passenger she couldn’t serve it because it was against her beliefs…

We’re going to see more and more of this because we are a country of many nations and colors and religious beliefs.

Right now, the government wants to make us a one world government and religion, so we all get along, and it makes it easier for them.

So if America turned into a Muslim nation there wouldn’t be anymore alcoholic beverages. But, I wonder what their stance is on drugs?


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