Russia Starts Building Air Base in Syria to Launch Airstrikes against ISIS Regardless of Power-Puff-Boys


President Vladimir Putin isn’t messing around with the West anymore and our power-puff-boys. He’s ready to show his strong muscle power in Syria. He defends President Bashar al-Assad and believes that his longtime ally should have a say in his own country. It might be the time for the USA to pull out of Syria. President Putin of Russia is putting Russian Troops on the ground and just ordered eight kick ass fighter jets, and is building and air base with a huge 1000 personnel compound. He’s tired of waiting for Obama to react. Everything that Obama has done so far in Syria has been a failure. The only thing that Obama has succeeded in, has been the growth of a terror organization that is raping, killing and stealing and pillaging. Syria refuges are made to exile from their own country and merging to other countries. It’s the biggest pilgrimage of refugees since World War II. Even the weapons the Kurd’s need to fight ISIS, Obama is blocking. President Putin is putting a 1000 Russian Troops on the ground with an expectation of more. He has his heart in this and is going to do everything that he can to defend President Bashar al-Assad. John Kerry is worried that Russia’s influence will only escalate the problem farther, even though he has no solution. Putin gave his strongest admission that Russia was already providing military and logistical support to the Assad regime. The United States has never shown that they were serious about their involvement in defeating ISIS. Obama has done everything in his power-puff attitude to hit them lightly and slightly. I have a hard time sending USA military into Syria to fight when their hands are tied. This is my opinion, but I say let Assad and Putin handle it for awhile. Because, Obama, you’re fired! And the world is exhausted and tired!



bashar assad and wife


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