Lies and Cover-up from the White House

white house

Americans were kept in the dark about the growth of ISIS. We were told by our president that ISIS was nothing more than the JV Team. I would like to ask Obama, what does he mean by JV Team? We just found out yesterday that someone in the White House was hiding the confidential, classified records about ISIS so no one would know the seriousness of their growth. So it appears to be an inside job. As Americans, we don’t know any more what we can believe from the failed horse’s mouth. What we do know for sure is that the world is facing a crisis because of how this 4-year-old civil war was handled. We have 250,000 people dead and now a flood of 23 million Syrian immigrants that have nowhere to go. Obama has fought this war, as if he were pissing in the wind, and it’s now hitting him straight in the face. America cannot afford any more lies. We now have Russia involved because President Putin doesn’t believe that Obama is fighting a war. Obama puts up no resistance.

Ban Ki-Moon, United Nations Secretary General


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