Eric Cantona Offers His House to Syrian Refugees for Two Years

eric cantona

Miami – Former French football player and actor, Eric Cantona, has offered his house in Marseille, France to host Syrian refugees for two years.

According to Mundo Deportivo, Cantona, whose maternal grandparents were also refugees who escaped General Franco’s dictatorship, has publicly announced his commitment to help the Syrian refugees in need by ceding his own personal home to them.

Cantona is reportedly touched by the deplorable situation of these refugees and he recounts how his grandparents were taken in by France when they were need. The story of his family makes him feel the responsibility to host these refugees as a form of gratitude.

The same report notes that the former football forward star is doing more than just offering his home. He will provide the refugees with food as well.

“I’m organizing everything with the authorities. If you give shelter to those not allowed to work, they need to be fed,” he said.

The home where Cantona will be sheltering these Syrian migrants has 50 square meters and a patio of 300 square meters, said Mundo Deportivo.

Cantona is willing to host the victims in his property for at least a 2-year period.

Eric Cantona retired from football in 1997 crowning his sports career. He was included into the English Football Hall of Fame in 2002 where it reads about him, “The enigmatic Frenchman was one of the Premier League’s most talented, controversial players.”


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