Dr. Ben Carson’s Character Displays Mature Courage


Ever since Dr. Ben Carson stood up and said, he would not support a Muslim running for president, his donations have been pouring in.  He said.  Matter of fact, he can’t count it fast enough.  Since he started speaking up, he’s getting more attention.  Just what the good Dr. needed to get the support of the Judeo Christian people.  They were waiting to hear, if someone was actually brave enough to stand up with courage for God and country and Biblical principles.  Dr. Carson delivered big time, and now, he’s seeing and witnessing the blessings pouring in for a good cause.  He leaves many waiting to see, how he’ll do in the next debate, or is it Divine fate?  I think every evangelical Christian heard him.

If you would like to donate to his campaign:

Ben_Carson think big

Support Carson


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