Iran Signs 21 Billion Dollar Contract with Russia

Middle East Leaders

Iran just signed a 21 Billion dollar contract with Russia to buy satellite and Russian space equipment: along with aircrafts. You know Putin’s happy!  We can all expect Putin to get crafty!  This means the Kremlin will have a lot more money to fight terrorism, and Putin, can be the lead mechanism.

Putin is standing close with Iran.

is it me, or can you feel the testosterone?

Who can hide from this man?

It’s just preposterous to think that you can!

Putin proves to be the power man!

But, what is Iran’s plan for Israel?

It’s looking dismal!

I don’t think Iran realizes that Israel is protected by mystical, not physical concertina wiring.

That only spiritual eyes can see, by eyeing!

It will take more than flying!

and bombing!


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