Putin on the Center Stage Drinking His Muscle Milk

Putin strategy

President Vladimir Putin is back to drinking his Muscle Milk, and he’s not backing down.

Why, he’s even given a dose to Assad and Iran. And the world powers are feeling the flaming fan.

They’re all getting together in the Middle East to bring ISIS down.  And I don’t see any of them backing down…

Putin’s even getting ready to take his complaints to the U.N. and he’s trying to share some of the Muscle with Obama, but, I’m not sure if he’ll give in. I hear he’s more into the rainbow parade.

Though his presidency has been a ghost host of charades. But I did hear that China just took a big drink taking it all down and without a frown.

Putin should put a label on the Muscle Milk, and make it his private label…

Muscle Milk for the P4+1

He should take a whole case of Muscle Milk to the (UNGA70)

And watch joyfully as they all drink it down!

What’s in that Muscle Milk, a White Russian?


Russia's then Prime Minister Vladimir Putin inspects the production as he visits a dairy factory in Leningrad region

He does eye it closely, making sure to see that it has aged well!

It is a darker color. with cream, Kahlua and of course, Vodka!

We all know, your secret now, Putin! It’s aged fermented milk.

It is a White Russian!


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