President Vladimir Putin Cuts Obama Down to Size


President Vladimir Putin cuts down Obama’s supposedly attempts in defeating ISIS.  Putin goes on to say that Obama’s plan to train 5,000 Syrian rebels has only yielded five.  Obama has wasted time and money.  He shows no retrospect to true leadership. It leaves you to wonder exactly, which side he’s on?  Putin claims the US “provision of military support to illegal structures runs counter to the principles of modern international law and the United Nations charter.”

The interview with Putin will be broadcast this evening on CBS.

Has Obama been caught playing fast and furious by Putin?

And ISIS looting,

The deep rooting heads back to Obama.

There’s no disputing…

Putin is cutting Obama down to size..

He’s accepting no lies,

And appears to be wise!

Who is this guy that wears no disguise?

That takes Obama by surprise…

It’s Russia’s tough man Putin!



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