President Obama gives his Speech at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA70)


Obama gives his United Nations speech to the general assembly.  Out of the ashes of the second war the United Nations was created.  He goes on to say seven decades ago, the U.N. has come together to work with old allies and preventable adversaries to prevent a third world war. We now have technology that empowers and radicalizes our youth with ideology. We see an erosion of diplomatic rights. He says we are told that we should accept tyrants like Bashar al-Assad that creates a purge of migrants from dropping barrel bombs on his civilians because, the alternative is much worse. It may create a vacuum as it did in Libya and Iraq. He comes on strong saying boldly that he is mindful of what we face it comes across my desk each morning. I lead the biggest military known and I will not hesitate to bilaterally and unilaterally or by force as necessary to protect my allies and country.  Obama reiterates that we cannot and should not walk in the past but in the future.   He said, he realizes the enemies in the world and in our nation.  The strength of a nation depends on the creativity and ideas of its people. A nation doesn’t work under dictatorship, the people always rebel. Obama: We want a strong Russia that is willing to work with us.

Is obama sending a message to his own people that he’s not seeking dictatorship?  He really only wants a world that lives in peace!

I have to wonder, why he doesn’t give these kinds of speeches when violence breaks out in America, why does he save it all for the UN?

Obama, where are you when America needs you?


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