Kerry and Sergey Lavrov Explain De-confliction

lavrov and kerry

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, and United States Secretary of State, John Kerry hash it out at a United Nations General Assembly about the airstrikes that occurred in Syria today.  Russia launched its first airstrikes in Syria hitting civilian areas. It was identified through American satellites the targeted airstrikes were not on ISIS, but instead targeted Homs which is a residential area for the regime against al-Assad.  There were women and children pulled from the rubble today along with a dead head commander of the rebels; financed by the United States.  Secretary of Defense Ashe Carter said today, that Russia was pouring fuel on the fire in Syria and making the crisis much worse. The Pentagon said they believed Russia was trying to prop-up Bashar al-Assad, the notorious Syrian leader. Human Rights Watch is saying “stop shelling residential areas.”

Russian airstrikes will not alter the anti-ISIS coalition campaign to take out ISIS.  Russia Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said they were working together to de-conflict according to both presidents.  Secretary of State John Kerry and Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said they were working together, trying to come to some consensus.  They both have the same goals for Syria for it to become independent, free democratic, united  country once again.  Kerry said the U.S. is prepared to hold what is described as “de-confliction” talks have begun with Russia over the unexpected airstrikes.  No one is sure, what happened today, it’s really hard to say, when you have parts of the regime that go the ISIS way, handing over weapons and trucks.  I think that’s why it’s so important that we have strong “intel” that follows what is said, and what actions need to be taken daily.  It also came out today that ISIS has WMDs.


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