Russia Starts Airstrikes in Syria Today, But Targets Rebels Against Assad


Russian officials demanded and ordered that US warplanes leave Syrian airspace immediately, today.  They said the US was just in the way of them making any progress with airstrikes.  Russia started making their airstrikes today against the Islamic State, ISIS.  But the thing is where they were targeting wasn’t ISIS.  It was the Syrian Rebels that rebelled against Assad and his barrel bombing. It was witnessed that women and children were coming out from beneath the rubble.  We have to ask ourselves now, who is Russia’s targets?  We know that Putin has a strong defense for Assad.  But really, you’re there to target ISIS, not the rebels that are only trying to protect themselves.  Can America and Russia work together as allies, and de-conflict?  Russia played his strong hand in Syria, playing checkmate!  He brought in his air to air missiles and surface to air missiles, and airpower, and aircrafts.  He aligned his military  strategy getting the Middle East countries on his side.  We’re sitting back as Russia literally takes over Syria.  We were looking through rose colored glasses believing he was there to take out ISIS.  What is Russia’s agenda?


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