Hatred Pulled the Trigger


The hatemongers and racial instigators are the ones that pulled the trigger in Oregon.  It was the mindset of a young man that thought he could do more for the world by hating people in the world.  His dreams ended at the wick of hatred and he put the light out of 10 people including himself. It’s the same kind of mindset that created ISIS.  It’s the same kind of mindset that fuels the deep mind of insanity.  America’s not going to move forward Mr. President, until you, start being a positive role model in America.  But as long as we have a president that rewards bad behavior, we’re going to see worse behavior.  You don’t reward bad behavior, but we have seen that over and over with this administration.  I remember when Reagan was president and he gave the strong message, “just say no to drugs.”  Mr. President, you, sir, need to standup and say, “Just say, no to hatred.”  What a positive message it would send, and who knows, you might go down in history as a president that builds bridges and not one that burns them.  You need everyone to stay focused and not distracted by who the real enemy is in America.  In order for America to survive, we’re going to have to come together as a country without division.  You get rid of the division, and you’ll see less carnage in America.  But that young man pulled that trigger because beneath that heart was a lot of learned and revisited hatred.  You need to ask yourself, why, someone could have so much hate in them? Look, at these faces, do they really threaten your existence in the world?


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