Russia and America Fight together, not since World War II, Deja-vu

syria bomb effect

As I visit Russian websites, they say publicly that they’re worried about the war in Syria.  Russia doesn’t have good memories about fighting terrorist in Afghanistan.  But who does?  There seems to always be a repercussion of coming face to face with evil.  Some citizens in Russia remember that same horror that they faced in Chechnya, when Russia did airstrikes against the rebels.  It brings back those memories of hell, and they know, there’s no way that you’re not going to see civilian casualties, there’s going to be carnage.  The longer the rebels put up a fight, the harsher it will get.  That’s the sad realities of war.  It’s the same thing that happened in Chechnya.  When Russia fights, they don’t want any opposing ends, they want to get all the obstacles out of the way, so they can fight the real war against terrorism.  And just like us, Russians are concerned about their loved ones returning from war torn Syria safe.  It’s not easy for any family member to know that their loved one’s either on the receiving end, or tight end, dropping the bombs or dodging the bombs.  Not since World War II have Russia and America come together to fight evil, not since the day of Adolph Hitler.  Now we see a modern day version of what our families fought for, freedom!  Religious leaders say, if you remove al-Assad, Christians in Syria will have no chance at all, it will be the disintegration of Christians in Syria and possibly the Middle East.  Reverend Franklin Graham said he believed, the Russian airstrikes were bringing hope to Christians in Syria.  Can we see, Russia as Church Hill and FDR did during World War II? And reach the conclusion that we’re fighting a war globally to protect the world.  This war isn’t about any country in particular, but about the safety of human life and preserving Christianity around the world.


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