Ashton Carter’s Message: Russia’s Setting Syria on Fire

attack SU 25

Madrid, Oct. 5- Russia’s strategy appears to be to prop up al-Assad and his regime; is the message Defense Secretary Ashton Carter is sending out to the world.

Ashton Carter arrives early Monday morning in Madrid to meet with his Spanish counterpart Pedro Morenes on Monday morning to share the message with Madrid.  Syria’s on fire, and Ashton Carter is putting Russia under fire.

Ashton Carter is on a two day European trip leading him to Italy, Britain and ultimately to Brussels to discuss with NATO the alarming effects of Russia in Syria. And possibly, Turkey being under threat by unwelcomed Russian airspace visitors.  The sudden Russia threat has brought all members of NATO together to discuss the alarming situation in Syria.  The Russian aircraft was intercepted by Turkish aircrafts.

Russia did notify Turkey that they were sorry, and it would not happen again, it was only for a few seconds.  The Turks have a no nonsense policy when it comes to their airspace.  They take it very serious! The USA shares airspace with them, but not Russia.  They have zero tolerance.

Russia has been doing aggressive air attacks which include 20 plus a day to the USA that does 1 to 10 a day.

And on Saturday the U.S. hit a hospital where Doctors without Borders was hit killing 19 people including the head physician.  The USA is still under fire for hitting the hospital.

NATO is aware of the crisis in Syria and is trying to avert refugees from anymore unexpected suffering.

Carter is also expected to meet with Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and visit Moron Air Base.


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