Hillary Toxic to America

hillary after

Hillary’s toxic to America.  She couldn’t make it as Secretary of State, so how can we trust her as a president?  She’s toxic to America’s principles and values.  Hillary’s objective is to take guns away along with our Second Amendment rights.  Hillary plays on emotions. She’s another toxic change for America that Americans can’t afford or trust.  I would like to know, how, she plans on Americans to protect themselves from ISIS that started out as al-Sharia from Benghazi, Libya.   That she threw Ambassador Chris Stevens under the bus to let insurgents have the weapons from Gaddafi that poured into Iraq and now Syria.  That’s right, it all started under Hillary’s and Obama’s watch.  They tried hard to deny and defy but we all saw beneath their lies, it was for a presidential election.  They wanted Americans to think that ISIS had been decimated.  No, they were elevated!  Look what’s happening in Syria!  Do you really want America to be another Libya or Syria?  Everything they touch, they destroy.  They look at human life as expendable toys.  Don’t be used in her ploy!


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