Is America Being Led by a Sound Mind or Toxic Mind?

toxic brain

Many are asking did Obama plant the seeds for World War III.  What was on Obama’s presidential agenda?  America is worse off than ever before.  We have an American divided and torn. We have ISIS on our tails and racism on our heels.  With gay pride leading the decisions in the White house.  As Americans can we say that we’ve really made progress, or have we obliterated sin?  Thinking that if we, make it no sin against mankind than it’s not a sin against God?  But who are we to change God’s laws?  God knew man’s many sins, he knew what would make us fall, and how we could find complete absolution.  But what is it with man that thinks, he has a better solution?  Are we not testing God and filling our minds with filthy murky pollution? While our leaders try to change our mindset and tell us, it’s okay to sin.  If it feels good, do it! But don’t flesh eating diseases still run rapid and transmit? If my mind is polluted by mere seasoned words and my conduct changes, so does my destiny.  I have to realize that I need to fully understand my actions and the consequences that can forever change my destiny.  I have to ask, has this liberal administration changed your destiny?  And if it has, are you, chemically imbalanced or is it by mere choice?  I have to say, I don’t understand how a child at school can get in trouble for taking an Aspirin to school, but it is okay, if the teacher takes her to get an abortion without the parents knowledge.  These things are happening in America.  Does America’s leaders have a toxic mind or sound mind? What do we need in America to change her destiny?  We need a president that has a sound mind that has good judgment, that understands the consequences of God and man.


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