Rebels against Assad Requesting Surface to Air Missiles

attack SU 25

Rebels in Syria are requesting surface to air missiles to take down Russian fighters.  USA has already supplied insurgents and ISIS with weapons that were meant for Rebels that mistakenly got into ISIS hands.  If the USA provides rebels against Assad with surface to air missiles it would surely escalate the war in Syria and possibly turn Russia against the USA.  This wouldn’t be a smart move on the USA, but would put the USA armed forces in double jeopardy and push all into world war III.  Russia continues to say, they’re targeting ISIS affiliates only.  It’s really hard to say, because there are so many insurgents that migrate into different parts of Syria.  Just the other week, some rebels gave their weapons and trucks to ISIS and surrendered to them.  Russia has intelligence coming out of Iraq.  Russia’s warning saying: to supply rebels with surface to air missiles would escalate the war in Syria.  Everyone needs to stay focused.  And remember this war isn’t about Assad but to end terrorism globally.  Is Russia trying to push ISIS into Iraq?  What is Russia’s goal?

Russia’s main interest could be to stop terrorism leakage from rooting and harvesting into their country.


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